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Kia-Maria Aho

I was born in Turku Finland in 1974.
At the moment I am living in Vantaa Finland.
I am a mother of two chidlren.

My father was a sailor and my mother was a student in the university when I was born she decided to be a stay home mother.

Our parents took us to many countries we had the privilege to visit many museums around Europe in very early age.

In Paris, in Louvre was a painting which really took my attention. A big painting from Eugène Delacroix Liberty Leading the People.
There was a story in that painting and I loved it. I decided that one day I want to become an artist.

When I turned 11-years old we moved from Turku to Paimio and my parents learned to know an artist named Helena Ruusulaakso. When I turned 12-years old she started to teach me techniques of oil painting.
We started from classical still life paintings and from step to step we went from portraits to nudes.

When I was 18-years I felt the “sailor blood” in me and I decided to move away from Finland. I moved to Switzerland to be and au-pair, from there began my 7 years adventure around Europe which took me all the way to Africa. I was working as an waitress and nanny and I was studying German language and arts.

In Switzerland I was studying arts with an artist named David Parry. Soon I felt that I was ready to show some works in public and I took my works to ethnic shops, I have had the inspiration to this works from my journey to Africa so they fitted to ethnic shops.

I moved back to Finland in the end of 1999.

I started to paint about my experiences from my journeys to different places.

History and medieval architecture interested me.
Music has been a big inspiration for me always, especially classical and opera music.

In my paintings I am often hiding a story inside. As I am painting I live and breath the story what I am painting.

At the moment I am studying at Indico center to have Art therapist degree.

My art has turned to naive arts as I got to be part of the Iittala naive art shows. I have also joined the Naiv artists of Finland. Most likely I will keep on doing naive arts more in the future.

Painting for me is the food of my spirit and soul.

Kia-Maria Aho




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